Who Did Your Hair

If your extension specialist is untrained and unprofessional, even the most expensive hair will look like a bale of hay! I’m sure your cousins-friends-neighbors-baby sister does a good job out of her kitchen and may only charge you $60 dollars to “put in a weave”, but I am going to make a strong appeal that you seek out a professional.   Model is wearing hair extensions from www.thelookhairandmakeup.com

If this is your first time wearing extensions, welcome and congratulations!! Take a good look at your own hair; this may be the last time you see it for a while if you get addicted! Even the most beautiful, long and healthy hair could use a break from the wear and tear of chemicals and the daily stress of combing, brushing and pony-tailing. But let’s be clear, the most important aspect of your hair extensions, although high on the totem pole isn’t the extension hair, it’s your stylist.

When choosing your extension stylist, here are some of the questions they should ask you:

  1. Why do you want extensions?
  2. Have you had extensions before and experienced damage?
  3. If so how did you remedy that damage?
  4. Are you aware of the maintenance involved in extensions? Because contrary to what you may think, you still have to take care of the extension hair so that it remains beautiful and healthy-looking.
  5. Are you on any medications or treatments that would cause you to lose hair? In other words, he/she should get to know you, and understand your hair history to determine if extensions are even a healthy option for you.

So how do you find the best stylist? YOU BETTER ASK SOMEBODY! I always tell my clients, people ask you “who did your hair?” for two reasons. Either they love it and want it, or you look a mess…and I digress! If your current stylist doesn’t install extensions, they should be able to refer you to someone.  Go online. Not all stylists have a website like www.additionshair.com, shameless plug, but you can almost always find an online list of extension specialists in your area. Buy Indian hair extensions online

Once you’ve found your ideal extension installation mate, be patient. Take a picture to your installation appointment of your ideal look. It may not be absolutely perfect the first time, but a great stylist will stop at nothing to make you happy. Unless you are one of those people that can never be satisfied, but I know you aren’t. Be vocal about your concerns. Nothing frustrates a great stylist more than when he/she asks if you like it, and you say yes, then go home and change it, or worse take it down.  How does that help anything? It doesn’t. You have to work together to reach the point of maximum understanding and satisfaction. All so that you can have a pleasant “OMG your hair looks amazing, who did it!” extension wearing experience.

One last nugget, weaving is the process of installing your extensions. So your stylist weaves, and you wear fabulous extensions.