Best Professional Hair Dryers

Years and years of styling and treating will eventually leave your hair dull and brittle. This is because most hair styling products being used by the general public are made of materials that will almost quite literally burn the moisture off of your hair, making it possible for you to overheat your hair and damage the natural coating that the hair strands have. But today, you don’t have to go to the hair salon every time you want to experiment with a certain hairstyle.

The general public actually has access to the best professional hair dryer that have been created – you only have to know what to look for. The following are guidelines for you to successfully purchase a unit that will not only make you look beautiful but will also protect your hair from long-term damage:

Positive VS. Negative ions – the older versions of flat irons and hair dryers contained either a plastic or metallic heating element inside. The heat that is released through these materials is uneven and too intense, even if the hair dryer has different heating levels. This is because these materials release heat that has positive ions, which burn off the moisture from your hair, leaving the hair dull and excessively flat. Choose a hair dryer that makes use of ceramic instead. It may be a bit more expensive, but all the best professional hair dryers make use of ceramic heating materials because of ceramic charges a negative ion, which traps the moisture around the hair as opposed to taking it out. The result is hair that has more body and doesn’t break and crack.

Heat settings – cheaper hair dryers have very limited heating settings or, worse, have none at all. Choose a hair dryer that has various heating settings so as to make sure that you don’t burn your hair. Most hair dryers have around 2-3 heating settings, but the more upscale ones have as many as 5-8. It may also be beneficial for you to look for the best professional hair dryers that have the “cool shot” option, which is a button that you press so that cool air is blasted onto the hair, giving your hair a sleeker shine. This is also for those people that have artificial hair color because you can opt for a gentler blast so as to not damage your treated hair.

Weight – if you’re only going to be using the blow dryer once daily, it is alright if it is kind of heavy, but professionals will always opt for the lightest models because they have to hold up these hair dryers a lot. The lighter models cost more, so consider what you are going to be using the hair dryer for.

Attachments – some, if not all, models have special attachments that come with your purchase. These attachments are things like diffusers, which diffuses the heat so that it is spread out more evenly throughout your hair, or clip on brushes, so you can brush your hair while heating it, giving it a more casual and blown outlook.

Prices will vary according to what kind of best professional hair dryers you are looking at. Consider the price and weigh it against the features and attachments that it has so that you can distinguish what elements you do and do not need.