Back to School Hair Extensions

Getting your kids ready for the coming school year can be a mission in itself, but for those of you with little girls, you have an additional task: back to school hair. Whether your daughter is starting kindergarten or on their way to the dorms, you want them to look their best and to feel great about their look. But what do you say when your daughter says “Mom, I want hair extensions, too”?

Well, you’ve upgraded your own style with premium hair extensions and your daughter has fallen in love with your soft, shiny look. Why wouldn’t she want to make a splash on the first day of school the way you do every day at work? Well, here are some questions to ask yourself before you allow your daughter to get hair extensions:

Is she old enough to take care of them? hair-braids-for-girls

When you have premium hair extensions, you must take care of them. If you get your daughter hair extensions, she should be old enough and mature enough to treat them well. That includes washing, brushing and wrapping your head at night. Few elementary school age children have the maturity to do that.

Does she understand the permanence of them?

Sew in hair extensions usually stay in place for six to eight weeks. That’s a long time to some children. Do you think your daughter might get tired of them after a couple of weeks? If so, maybe you should consider something less permanent, like a clip in ponytail.

Is the cost worth it?

If you’re going to get your daughter hair extensions, you must go with premium luxury tangle free ones. You have taught her about quality and that you get what you pay for so don’t go the cheap route. You want her style to last a long time and be reusable. But quality hair isn’t cheap so be prepared to spend money. If your child is old enough, maybe you can work out a deal where she shoulders some of the costs or does chores around the house in exchange.

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